8 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The Daily Meal edit team is on a mission to create healthy and delicious recipes.

Each week our editorial team tackles a new ingredient or theme with one goal in mind: creating easy and delicious meals.

This week: Healthy Breakfast Options.

What is a healthy breakfast exactly? Several editors had that exact question when this week's cooking theme was proposed. Well, the idea behind a healthy breakfast is something that is relatively low in calories and fat but also provides a good amount of energy and nutrients to help you start your day off well. This means trying to eat a combination of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein. Eggs, of course, are incredibly nutritious and a great breakfast food (but if you are watching your cholesterol intake, you may want to limit your intake of the yolks). You can always have boiled eggs on hand for a quick breakfast to-go if you're really short on time.  

As you'll see below, breakfast dishes can be both sweet and savory; in fact, savory options are great for people who don't like "sweet" foods in the morning (or don't like breakfast at all for that matter). 


Colman Andrews: Savory Granola


Alexis Anderson: Mexican Tofu Scramble


Molly Aronica: Berry and Apple Compote


Allison Beck: Baked Steel-Cut Oats with Cherries


Maryse Chevriere: Healthy Egg White Scramble Sandwich


Yasmin Fahr: Baked Eggs with Spinach and Tomato


Jess Kapadia: Buckwheat Kasha


Valaer Murray: Banana Cinnamon Smoothie


Feel free to join us in our endeavor; we look forward to seeing what fabulous meals you come up with!

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Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Free range or cage free local eggs are excellent for breakfast and you can eat as many as you want. Dietary cholesterol will not raise your body's cholesterol. Never separate the egg! In nature fat and protein come together. The yolk is the most nutritious part. Cereal grains and sugars are the problems (think donuts). Have full fat greek yogurt (without hormones). Tofu and unfermented soy is NOT healthy (think GMO and pesticides and savvy marketing). The buckwheat kasha is petty good. Eat oats no more than twice a week.


You are thinking more like a chef than a nutritionist. While amusing, incorrect.

Yasmin Fahr's picture

Thanks for your comment, however, dietary cholesterol does raise your body's cholesterol levels.

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