Vodka Cranberry from Your Vodka Cranberry, Updated Farm-to-Bar Style Slideshow

Your Vodka Cranberry, Updated Farm-to-Bar Style Slideshow

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Vodka Cranberry

There aren’t many fruits that can match the tartness of cranberries, but there are plenty that try. In late fall, try quince, which was infused in vodka for Blue Hill New York’s drink, mixed with spice-infused quince simple syrup and amaro. For winter, "I would suggest winter citrus, especially blood oranges and Meyer lemons, which have a short season but a gorgeous bright flavor and color," Katie Bell of Blue Hill New York says.

Of course, citrus and pomegranate work perfectly with vodka, as both Moore and Santillana point out. "If somebody orders a vodka cranberry it’s easy to shake that up with a blood orange juice instead, or pomegranate juice or fresh pomegranate seeds," Moore says. If you happen to see blackberries in the market, as Santillana has found, make a classic Rickey (vodka, lime juice, soda water, simple syrup), muddle some fresh berries in it, and top with a lime peel.

Mo Hodges at BIG created a more savory take on the vodka cranberry, muddling seasonal pomegranate with rosemary and mixing in blood orange juice. Click here for the recipe.