Wine in a Purse? Boxed Wine Is Getting Classy

A new wine company has figured out how to turn the box into a high-end purse

No matter what, boxed wine will always be a subject of debate: does it deserve its bad reputation? Does it actually taste good? Can you bring it to a party without being subject to wine snobbery? Fortunately, one company has taken on boxed wine's bad rap and turned it into a classy accessory — quite literally. 

NPR reports that the name for Vernissage, the "bag in a bag" wine from Sweden, is quite literal: it looks like a handbag. Now, Squish Wines is importing them into the U.S. and hoping that the design concept will catch on among female drinkers in America. The handbag wine has been a hit in Sweden, China, and France. Style Bistro reports that the wines — a syrah, rosé, and chardonnay — will be sold for about $20 (for 1.5 liters) and $40 (for 3 liters). (No word if it's a reusable bag.)

Funnily enough, NPR says, the bad rap of boxed wine may be false; some say that the bags within the box might be better for preserving wine than a glass bottle. Shocked? The bag allows little oxygen in from a tap pour, unlike uncorking a bottle. Could boxed wine become the new corkscrew (and socially appropriate) wine? Time will tell all. 

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