What to Do With Leftover New Year's Eve Champagne

A jelly recipe using the bubbly you have leftover
Staff Writer

Paul Wegman

How to make prosecco preserves (and use that leftover champagne).

We know, you don't often hear the words "leftover" and "champagne" together. After all, why wouldn't you drink all the bubbly you have to ring in the New Year? But occassionally, you'll find yourself with an opened, half-drank bottle of champagne or prosecco on New Year's Day that you're not sure what to do with. 

Fortunately, Portland, Ore. Chef John Eisenhart, of Pazzo Ristorante, developed an easy "prosecco preserves" recipe that will make your New Year's Day brunch that much more enjoyable. While Eisenhart uses a CO2 canister to make his preserves bubbly (which most home chefs may not have on hand), he says you don't need to panick if you don't have one. "The good thing about this recipe is most of the ingredients are things most people already have in their kitchen," he says. 

So if you're finding yourself with leftover prosecco or champagne on New Year's Day, whip up a jelly that goes great with grain bread and northern Italian cheeses, like gorgonzola, fontina, parmesan, or ubriaco. Click here for the recipe for Prosecco Preserves. 

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