Primal vs. Paleo: Which Is the Better Diet? from Primal vs. Paleo: Which Is the Better Diet?

Primal vs. Paleo: Which Is the Better Diet?

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Primal vs. Paleo: Which Is the Better Diet?

 Paleo has been so well-received by health and fitness communities that you can find a wide range of foodstuffs labeled as paleo-friendly. We recently reviewed one such paleo-friendly snack, protein bars by RXBAR, and found them to be not only nutritionally sound but altogether quite delicious. This goes to show that just because these diets are ancient doesn’t mean that they don't include delicious foods.

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The primal lifestyle can be attributed to The Primal Blueprint, a guideline to living like our ancestors did 10,000 years ago. This guideline is based on the idea that we are in control of how our genes express themselves if we provide them with the proper environment. Food, activity, rest, and sunlight are all part of the edicts guiding followers of the primal lifestyle, and they’re encouraged to avoid stress and partake in both physical and intellectual expression. By doing so, our genes can express themselves in a way that discourages modern ailments from taking over. Paleo dieters are basing their food choices on a list prescribed by Dr. Loren Cordain in The Paleo Diet. This diet is also supposed to serve as a remedy for common afflictions experienced by many modern humans.