Vegetables from 10 Easy DIY Edible Arrangements Slideshow

10 Easy DIY Edible Arrangements Slideshow

The French Tangerine
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Crunchy, fresh and colorful, vegetables are the perfect food to see and snack. Arrange your favorites in an appropriately garnished basket with flavorful dip in the center of the table for guests to nibble on. Artfully arrange gorgeous green bean stalks, asparagus or carrots to act as candleholders for an easy, peel away snack—but watch for the hot wax! If finger food at the table isn't appropriate for your soiree, look to arrangements good enough to eat by creating your own table bouquet of vegetables with leafy greens like cabbage and spinach surrounding your favorite colored blossoms.

Setting the Scene: Since vegetables come in an array of vibrant colors and textures, it’s best to choose what vegetables to feature according to season. Thinking of throwing one in the fall? Try the fun, funky shapes of gourds with deep golden colors to make your other vegetables pop on the table.