Liquid Candy: 8 Sweet Spirit Recipes

Cocktail recipes with candy-flavored spirits for the 21 and over sweet tooth.

Instead of having to resort to stealing the mini packets of M&Ms and Snickers bars from the kids' post-Halloween loot, try stocking the bar with some candy-flavored spirits. Here are eight cocktails for adults past the trick-or-treat stage looking for a liquid candy fix.


Butterfinger Cocktail

From: Drinks Mixer

Butterscotch schnapps is used in combination with Bailey's Irish Cream to reincarnate the classic chocolate-covered, peanut buttery candy bar in cocktail form.


Button Hook Cocktail

From: CocktailDB

Put that bag of Twizzlers down, and reach for the bottle of Pernod instead. The licorice-flavored absinthe is used here in combination with two types of brandy and white crème de menthe.


Catch-22 Cocktail


Instead of going the store-bought chocolate liqueur route, this elegant cocktail, from master pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner, calls for a homemade variety.


Cinnamon Caramel Apple Cocktail


A shot of caramel liqueur, mixed with Goldschlager and apple cider-- all the goodness of a caramel apple without the stick-to-your-teeth candy shell.


Marshmallow Tini

From: Sultan of Shake

This is no trick, there is such a thing as marshmallow liqueur, and it's made by a brand called SexyCat, no less. Use it with your choice of gin or vodka to create a Marshallow Tini.


Peppermint Patty Cocktail


If the peppermint schnapps used in this recipe isn't enough of a sugar rush, you can garnish the cocktail with a peppermint stick.


Funhouse Cocktail

From: Pinnacle Vodka

French producer, Pinnacle, makes a cotton candy vodka that they recommend using in this (appropriately) carnival-themed signature cocktail.


Bazooka Bubblegum Cocktail


This frothy, pink cocktail, developed by Eben Freeman of Tailor in New York City, uses a house-made bubble-gum-infused vodka.

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