52 Best Sandwiches of 2011 Slideshow

Red's Lobster Roll (Wiscasset, Maine)
LAX International Dog (Los Angeles)
Grill 'Em All's Behemoth Burger (Los Angeles)
Num Pang's Ginger Barbecue Brisket (New York City)
Ponto Chic's Bauru (São Paulo, Brazil)
Beach Street Sandwiches' Smoked Ham and Cheese (Connecticut)
White House Special (Atlantic City, N.J.)
Cuz's Blue Marlin Cutter (Barbados)
Ipswich Clam 'Burger' (Rockville Center, Long Island, N.Y.)
Richard's Bake & Shark (Maracas Bay, Trinidad)
The Noble Pig's Smoked Duck Pastrami (Austin)
Defonte's Hot Roast Beef (New York City)
Gott's Western Bacon Blue Ring Burger (San Francisco)
Round Hill's Escoveitched Snapper Sandwich (Jamaica)
Olive Oil Roll with Cured Iberian Pork Shoulder at Mas Gourmets (Madrid)
Chicken Shawarma at Phoenicia Deli (Houston)
Grease Burger Bar's Grease Beast (West Palm Beach, Fla.)
Bowery Beef (New York City)
Boston Sandwich Search
La Carreta's Medianoche (Miami)
America’s Top 20 New Sandwiches
New York's Best Bauru
La Brea Bakery's Marinated Artichoke and Ricotta (Los Angeles)
New York's 10 Best Burgers to Eat Outdoors
Pane Bianco's Tuna Sandwich (Phoenix)
Bar Pinotxo's Pa amb Tomàquet amb Anxoves (Barcelona)
Which is Better, Shake Shack or In-N-Out?
Exploring New Mexico's Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail
Dixson Bar-B-Que's Pig Burger (Knoxville, Tenn.)
The Dwarf House's Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Atlanta)
Enriqueta's Cubano (Miami)
New Orleans' Best Sandwiches
Merchants' Fried Green Tomato Sandwich (Nashville, Tenn.)
Baguette Box's Pork Loin Baguette (Seattle)
Hocca Bar's Belíssima Sandwich (São Paulo, Brazil)
Old Doc's Ham Sandwich and Frosty Pepper (Dublin, Texas)
X-Tudo Burger (Queens, N.Y.)
Maine's 10 Best Lobster Rolls
Love Shack's Dirty Love Burger (Fort Worth, Texas)
Hot Dog Nation
Food & Wine's Best Burgers in the US
A Week of Eating Eataly's Sandwiches (New York City)
Burgers, Shakes & Fries (Darien, Conn.)
Oinkster's Pastrami Sandwich (Los Angeles)
Cutty's Pork and Fennel Sandwich (Boston)
Eastern Market's Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich (Washington, DC)
Flour Bakery's Grilled Tofu Sandwich (Boston)
The Take 5 Reuben (Seattle)
Flour Bakery's Breakfast Sandwich (Boston)
Tortas Frontera's Cochinita Pibil Torta (Chicago)
Reblochon and Jambon Cru at La Fermette (Annecy, France)
Garden Catering's Buffalo Chicken Wrap (Stamford, CT)