Woman Charged in Sausage Assault

Swedish woman weaponizes sausage

Wikimedia/Mario Mlynek

A Swedish woman has been charged with attempted assault after attacking a man with a pan full of sausages.

According to The Local, the man and woman were having an argument in their home in southern Sweden when she threw a frying pan full of grease and sausages at him. She missed him with the pan, but the sausages found their mark.

The man was uninjured by the sausages, which were a variety of traditional mild Swedish sausages called Falukorv, but he says she also threatened to kill him, and the woman has since been charged with attempted assault and making illegal threats. The sausage assault victim is demanding 850 kronor, or about $130, in damages.

Falukorv are made with a mixture of grated meat like pork, beef, or veal, mixed together with potato flour and spices. They’re very popular in Sweden, though normally they’re just eaten with potatoes or macaroni.

Sausages might make decent projectiles, but they’re best when eaten. Check out our best sausage recipes for more peaceful ways to enjoy them.

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