What Are America’s Worst Supermarkets?

Consumer Reports surveyed the country and found out

What are the worst supermarkets in the country? Consumer Reports surveyed more than 24,000 American shoppers, and assembled a list of 12. Their criteria were fairly straightforward: speedy checkout, cleanliness, and the quality of perishables were the prime factors, and according to the report the biggest complaints were regarding dirtiness and crowds. Here’s the list!

12. Stop & Shop
11. Acme
10. Ralph's
9. Pick ‘n Save 
8. Food Lion
7. Weis Markets
6. Tops Markets
5. Jewel-Osco 
4. A & P
3. Shaw’s
2. Wal-Mart Supercenter
1. Pathmark

According to Latinos Post, 54 grocery store chains were considered, and were given scores from one to 100 based on the survey respondents’ answers. Pathmark, which is exclusive to the East Coast, only earned a score of 68, just inching out Wal-Mart’s 69. Both stores were cited for being very unclean, and Wal-Mart in particular was called out for having unhelpful employees. Pathmark declined to comment when contacted by The Daily Meal.  

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If I didn't shop at walmart, I wouldn't be able to survive. To bad you let the unions influence your polls. If Walmart went union, I would stop shopping there. Down with union greed.


Why would you purchase out od date meat? Read the dates when picking up anything perishable. Next, I noticed that this survey was taken by Latinos Post! You are not going to get employees that can speak several languages or more for minimum wage, so if you are shopping in the good ole USA.....speaking English is the rule.


I commented on this earlier but don't know if it was received as I didn't answer the Captcha so I will comment again. I shop at Walmart quite often and really have only one complaint. That is the checkout clerks are not always the most knowledgeable. The store is always clean and the pricing is right. They are very good at doing price matching with sale prices of other stores in the area and the majority of the employees are very helpful. I really don't understand how it could be on the worst list unless the rest of the country has had worse experiences than I have ever had.


I have gotten bad chick
en from wal mart several times. There has been out dated chicken out on the shelves for sell. It was out of date for 3 days an it did not smell pretty.

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