Are You Brave Enough to Eat These 10 Popular Street Foods Around the Globe?

See if you’re as open-minded as you think with these unique street foods
Century Egg

Photo Modified: Wikimedia Commons / Opponent / CC BY 4.0


We’ve rounded up 10 street foods around the globe that might test your courage. Discover if you’d be brave enough to eat them.

If the prospect of gnawing on spindly deep-fried tarantulas tickles your taste buds, there are plenty of street vendors in Cambodia who will be more than happy to serve you. According to a recent study from the National Restaurant Association, 60 percent of Americans take pride in having tried several different ethnic cuisines, but we have to wonder how many would be eager to try boiled duck fetus in the Philippines, or take on a Sicilian spleen sandwich?

We’ve scouted the globe for exotic foods readily available in markets and vendor stalls, with firsthand taste accounts from both natives and courageous travelers. According to our sources, the taste of fried tarantulas isn’t as repulsive as one might think, but the taste of ammonia-rich rotten shark cubes, much enjoyed in Iceland, most certainly is. Whether you will be adding these eats to your bucket list or avoiding them like the plague, let these foods remind you that in this diverse world, one man’s phobia could be another man’s snack.

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