#8 JetBlue from 8 of the Worst Airlines for Food (Slideshow)

8 of the Worst Airlines for Food (Slideshow)

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#8 JetBlue

With Cheez-Its, Craisins, PopCorners, Terra chips, and other assorted bag and bar treats, JetBlue’s snack game is certainly on-point, but their meal selections will leave many customers disappointed. They serve a grilled chicken & brie sandwich, sirloin sandwich, spicy soba & Korean-style chicken plate, cheese plate, kale salad, and Chobani yogurt — but only if you’re flying from New York, Boston, or Fort Lauderdale to a handful of other airports. Everyone else will just have to settle for watching the Food Network on their headrest TVs.

Some of JetBlue’s food probably came from its Urban Farm outside JFK Airport. Click here for more details.