10. Labor Day from Top 10 Drinking Holidays Slideshow

Top 10 Drinking Holidays Slideshow

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10. Labor Day

The cousin to the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, it’s the last hurrah of summer — and summer drinks.

Guarantee of a Hangover (and No Guarantee of Work Off the Next Day): The whole point of Labor Day is that it's a day off, which means that the following Tuesday can get rough. Hopefully, you’re smart and just took advantage of Sunday night boozing instead. Total: 4

Strength of the Signature Drink: This depends on what your go-to summer drink is. Beer? Wine? Sangria? Anything fruity? Total: 6

Length of Celebration: One day, thank goodness. Total: 2

Holiday Attire: Your summer best, obviously. Total: 3

Holiday Traditions: Toasting to the fading days of summer… just try not to toast too much. Total: 3

Total score: 18/50