The Slow Cooker Challenge

The Daily Meal rises to the challenge and comes up with our own slow-cooked, easy meals

Inspired by Big Girls Small Kitchen's Slow Cooker Challenge, the editors at The Daily Meal have joined the low-and-slow bandwagon to make our favorite easy, slow-cooked meals. Because not all of us have a slow cooker, we've extended this challenge to include one-pot meals or dishes that are cooked slowly in the oven. 

If you'd like, you can read our article about what a slow cooker actually is to brush up on the basics, but to put it broadly, a slow cooker is a useful tool which allows you to place ingredients in a pot, press a button, and go about your business as your meal is cooked for you. 

While cooking is an incredibly fun, relaxing, and joyful experience for most people, slow cookers or slow-cooked meals allow us to simplify our lives, especially when we're strapped for time or are feeling lazy during the cold winter months. Whether you make stews, braises, roasts, or soups is entirely up to you, and only goes to show the versatility of this fabulous invention and concept.

The recipes below are all easy, slow-cooked, slow cooker, or one-pot meals that you can try making during the winter. And the best part about all of these dishes is the leftovers that taste better with time. 


Slow-Cooked Short Ribs

Braised short ribs are the ultimate comfort food, in my book...

— Allison Beck





Vegetable Bean Soup

Admittedly, it's not the prettiest dish. But, I swear to you, it tastes and smells a lot better than it looks...

— Will Budiaman





Cauliflower Casserole

Currently in season, cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables to cook with...

— Terri Ciccone





Red-Wine Braised Pork Butt

This flavorful, easy-to-make slow-cooked pork is a great winter dish to savor all week long...

— Maryse Chevriere





Braised Lamb Stew

After receing a new Dutch oven for Christmas (yay!), I was excited to put it to use with this easy stew...

— Yasmin Fahr






Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

For most people, pulled pork is one of those dishes that's worth going out for because it seems like such a hassle to make at home — however...

— Molly Aronica




Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings

Perfect for a cold, rainy night, chicken and dumplings is a classic American comfort food dish...

— Valaer Murray





Mini Cheeseburger Pies

Just in time for the Super Bowl as well as other game days, this savory and fun alternative to the backyard barbecue...

— Francesca Borgognone





Vegan Lasagna

Sometimes the perfect cure for winter gloom is a steaming plate of melty lasagna...

— Jane Bruce





Chipotle Turkey Chili

I am kind of a baby when it comes to spicy food...

— Nicole Campoy-Leffler





Beef Noodle Soup

Any trip to Taiwan requires at least one bowl of traditional beef noodle soup...

— Jessica Chou


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