See Beyond Locally Sourced: 9 Restaurants with Farms

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Egg and Parish Hall (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

George Weld dreamed of starting his own farm, but the restaurant came first. In 2005 he opened his Brooklyn breakfast hot spot Egg , but his farming daydreams endured. Goatfell Farm was started shortly after, and it grew quickly from a small vegetable patch to a full-scale operation in the Catskills. The amount of produce that Egg and Weld’s recently opened Parish Hall source from Goatfell Farm varies from week to week, and the restaurants continue to support other local farms. It’s clear, however, that Goatfell Farm and the Egg family have a tight-knit connection, with staff volunteering on the farm regularly and staying closely involved in the farm’s operations.

Egg / George Weld