Pfizer's Recipe for Boar Testicles

'Testicle Tacos' underscores Pfizer's drug to eliminate boar taint

Look, it's not that big of a deal — plenty of people cook, eat, and enjoy recipes including testicles. (One guy even published a cookbook on how to cook with balls.) But one surprising author of a recipe using boar testicles? Pfizer.

The reason, the Smithsonian reports, is a drug that can eliminate boar taint, a "characteristic smell." (We'll let you do the research on your own, if you do not want to lose your appetite right now.) The drug, Impovest, suppresses the smell by reducing hormonal levels responsible for the change.

What's interesting is that the drug, approved nearly a year ago by the FDA, isn't without drawbacks — one such warning says "accidental self-ingestion" could affect men and women's reproductive systems. So perhaps the "testicle taco" recipe in Recipe Book: Food Service Uses for Pork By-Products is merely a way for Pfizer to tout the safety of their product.

To be fair, the recipe doesn't seem too out of the ordinary; it's got all the fixings for a regular taco, just with, well, balls. If you're not in the mood, a slow cooker pulled pork recipe or panko-crusted pork schnitzel might be more up your alley.

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