PEOPLE Magazine Getting into the Food Publishing Game

The celebrity magazine is launching a food app, plus a new food channel
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PEOPLE Magazine Launches Food Vertical


PEOPLE magazine has launched a food and entertaining channel, giving celebrity junkies an additional shot of food porn.

Just as Scientific American announces a food blog to talk about gut bacteria and molecular gastronomy, PEOPLE magazine announces a new channel called "Great Ideas," to talk about things like Gwyneth Paltrow's latest GOOP edition.

In a press release, PEOPLE announced a new CelebFood app where users can browse recipes, cooking tips, and videos from celebrities, in addition to a new section called "Great Ideas." A quick browse of the new site shows features like "Jessica Alba's 5 Favorite Kitchen Accessories," "Aziz Ansari's 'Greatest Culinary Accomplishments,'" and the ubiquitous ramen burger story. On the app side, celebs like Jenny Garth share the byline with chefs like Curtis Stone.

More stories to come: features about food, entertaining, home, and health, "all through the celebrity and entertainment lens that PEOPLE does best... Great Ideas is the place where PEOPLE readers can visit to be inspired to live more like the celebrities and entertainers they love," the press release says. Unfortunately, even if you buy everything Jessica Alba has in her kitchen, you still won't look like her.

In other food publication news, wine journalist Talia Baiocchi (formerly of Eater) has announced a new drink online magazine PUNCH, out this October.

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