Oscar Night Drinking Game

Party like an Academy Award winner (or loser).

How do you do Oscar Night? Make like you're in Hollywood and throw a glitz and glam viewing party? Whip up some dishes and drinks inspired by the nominees? Here's another suggestion: get together with your favorite fellow movie geeks and play an Oscars-themed drinking game. Just print out the rules below, and make sure you have a tall glass of your favorite drink handy during the broadcast this Sunday!


Take One Sip if:

• An interviewer on the red carpet tells someone they look "fabulous," "gorgeous," or "fierce."

• A winner thanks the Academy.

• A winner pulls out a prepared speech or list of people to thank. (Take another sip if they do this while saying something along the lines of, "This is so unexpected.")

• A winner thanks their parents and/or family.

• A winner says how honored they are to just have been nominated in their category with their peers.

• The same movie wins more than one award.


Take Two Sips if:

• Someone forgets the name of the designer they're wearing.

• A presenter messes up their lines.

• Someone trips on camera.

• An actress is having an obvious wardrobe malfunction.

• A winner forgets to thank their spouse or significant other.

• If a winner starts to tear up (finish it if they actually start to cry).


Take Three Sips if:

• A winner has previously won an Academy Award.

• A winner pulls an Adrien Brody and inappropriately kisses the presenter.

• The camera shows the wrong person when a nominee is called, or the nominee is not in their seat when their category is called.

• A winner gets angry when the "wrap it up" music starts to play and has to cut their acceptance speech short.

• Someone cracks a joke about host James Franco's recent soap opera stint.


Finish Your Drink if:

• Either Colin Firth or Natalie Portman loses in the Best Actor or Best Actress categories.

• You actually listen to the President of the Academy's full speech.

• The camera catches a nominee having an obviously poor or negative reaction to losing.

• Someone rushes the stage (à la Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs).


Have a good suggestion for a rule that wasn't included in the game? Let us know and we'll add it!

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I love how Anne Hathaway acknowledged people are playing drinking games when she messed up a line and said "drink at home." I don't think the older crowd understood the reference though.

Here is my drinking games site: www.admitonedrinkinggames.com


Pamplemousse's picture

These are great! I definitely plan on playing this weekend.

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