'Mustard Gang' Robbers Arrested in Italy

Mustard-throwing robbers used condiments to distract victims


Mustard-throwing bandits reportedly made off with over $95,000 in Italy.

Police in Rome have finally put a stop to a gang of condiment-wielding robbers who had successfully used mustard to steal tens of thousands of dollars from Russian and U.S. tourists.

According to The Local, the three-man gang targeted tourists at Rome's Fiumicino Airport and at hotel receptions throughout the city. One would throw a jar of mustard at the group's intended victim, and while the victim and any passersby were distracted by the mustard-throwing, the other two would make off with the victim's bags and other valuables. Getting mustard on one's clothes is distressing, but losing all one's luggage and valuables is a much bigger problem. The thieves were likely targeting affluent-looking victims, as did a previous group of airport robbers who specifically went after people with designer suitcases.

Italian police had been investigating the "mustard gang" for several weeks before they finally caught the trio with the help of security camera footage. While they were in operation, the mustard-throwing robbers are estimated to have taken more than €70,000, or over $95,000, in various currencies.

In addition to being wanted in Italy for their mustard-related crimes, the mustard gang was wanted internationally for other crimes, The Local reports.

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