Mobster Restaurants Around the Country

13 eateries haunted by the ghosts of infamous Mafia men

While there is nothing light-hearted about real crime families, TV shows like The Sopranos and countless movies have made loveable characters out mobsters. In reality, “Fat Tony” Rabito probably wouldn't be the best dinner companion — especially if you owe him money — but eating at the hallowed Mafia haunt in Brooklyn where he’s been banned from offers a side of excitement for thrill-seeking diners.

Recently Mark Iacono, owner of Lucali, another Brooklyn eatery with speculated ties to the mob, made headlines recently when he got into a knife fight with a known wiseguy on the street near the pizzeria. Now charged with attempted murder, his new notoriety puts the reality of the Mafia into stark relief. But just like viewers can live vicariously through the reality program Mob Wives without being married to the mob, visitors to these 13 restaurants can sop up the same spaghetti sauce without dodging bullets. We hope. (Photo courtesy of Eater NY)

To catch some present-day gangster action, ultra-exclusive Rao’s and scene-of-the-crime Sparks Steak House are the usual suspects, while Chicago’s Green Mill takes you back to Al Capone’s heyday. Instead of a fedora and pin-stripe suit, these days goodfellas are more likely to be juiceheads that look something like Café Martorano’s owner, nephew of former South Philly mobster “Long John” Martorano, although he chose the culinary life over La Cosa Nostra. (Photo, right: Arthur Bovino).

Many of the mobster restaurants are a real slice of Americana. History buffs gravitate towards places like Campisi’s in Dallas, where mob-affiliated Jack Ruby, Lee Harvey Oswald’s hit man, was known to hang out, and hipsters can check out a real speakeasy in Providence, R.I. — Camille’s, which has seen many a famous face, whether a made man or a Hollywood leading man.

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Pathetic...why don't you consult a restaurant critic to get your information about CHICAGO!!!! of all places!

You could only come up with a bar that Al capone used to own. I will give you this, the Green Mill is the best place in Chicago for live Jazz. It's a bar!!! Jeez!!


Try TUFANO's...Tufano was Al Capone's chef. The food is awesome home-style Italian food. Their Lemon Chicken is THE BEST CHICKEN IN THE WORLD, IMHO. They are on Vernon Park Place, west of downtown, near the U of I Circle Campus.


Yeah, let's give our money to the mob, so they can use it to commit more crimes, that's a great idea! And you were paid for this crap?


Sparks serves good food, and the service is utterly excellent. The clientelle and the decor are most interesting. Like a mob movie, everyone cheek-kisses everyone. The people just ooze tradition. The decor, however, is bizarre in its intense monotony: The walls are crammed with paintings, and EVERY ONE OF THEM is a landscape with water in it. Every dang one of them. Hundreds of them. It is stunning an a... stunning sort of way.

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