Media Mix: Stolen Rabbits; Bone Luging; and Whole Foods Cuts Off Chicken Hatchery

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Arthur Bovino
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Byte brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Stolen Rabbits Returned: A farmer's rabbits were anonymously returned after being stolen before a slaughtering and cooking class. The rabbits were reportedly stolen by advocates who were caring for them. [AP]

Bone Luging Trend Alert: Apparently the act of drinking alcohol from halved and hollowed roasted bone marrow is a thing, spreading from Portland, Ore. to Los Angeles, Denver, and Brooklyn. [Tasting Table]

Irish Coffee Gets Better: It's winter, and it's cold, so here's a tasty version of the boozy classic. [WSJ]

Whole Foods Cutting Ties With Chicken Hatchery: After learning about an animal rights lawsuit against Cal-Cruz Hatcheries Inc., Whole Foods is looking to severe all ties with the company, saying they "will not be working with any ranches that receive chicks from Cal-Cruz." [HuffPo]

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