Last Chance to Save Twinkies

Hostess is working on a deal with Teamsters union to save the brand from bankruptcy

Despite Wendy Williams' quest to save the Twinkies, we had long since given up on keeping the classic treat alive. Still, it seems that Hostess, which filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of this year, is holding on.

New York Post reports that Hostess' creditors are working with the Teamsters union to figure out a deal to keep the company from shutting down.

The current deal, which has yet to be voted on, calls for a 5 percent wage cut for the first year for all workers, along with health care cuts and lower pension contributions.

Furthermore, Hostess would sell smaller brands, like Merita Bread.

However, the company would keep most of the multi-employer pension plans, which is good news for the union, and they would still get to actually have a job. So, no real news; the Twinkies' existence is still in limbo, Hostess is still working hard, and future Wall-E's cockroaches are still safe. As you were.

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bobbie's picture

I think it would be horrible if there was no such thing as Twinkies anymore....I wish they put more cream in them though...The chocolate ones are really gross....GOOD LUCK AND I HOPE YOU CAN SAVE THE BUSINESS


It serves 'em right, they charged to much for their products and people quit buying them. Once you lose your customer base it's hard to get them back. Just like Heinz 57 steaksauce, they raised the price of it to almost $5.00 a bottle now, and I don't buy that stuff anymore either. These companies get a good product, it gets popular and then they get greedy and start charging too much, after awhile though, people get tired of getting ripped off and eventually go elsewhere. These businesses oughta take heed, you start taking advantage of your customers and it'll come back to bite you in the twinkie.

bobbie's picture

WHAT A STUPID WAY TO THINK...THERE WILL BE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WHO LOOSE THERE JOB...I don't think they are too expensive...I just wish they had more cream in them. The chocolate ones are gross by the way.


I E mailed them a few years ago to try putting some chocolate on the Twinkies. They DIPPED them in it instead of just a line accros the top. ! They deserve to go UNDER ! People did buy them BUT chocolate MELTED in their fingers. Too bad Too sad.They NEED to follow instructions from consumers !


I just want to comment about twinkies
When I was in the service I was a twinkie aholic
I ate 2 box of twelve a day and did not gain a pound
now I can't look at a twinkie and I gain weogjt

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