How to Eat Healthy on the Road

Road-tripping bloggers take a tour to find healthy bites in the US

Put down the Twizzlers, Pringles, and 5-Hour Energy Shots — there is a way to do a road trip healthy.

Two bloggers, Andy and Alli, hit the road this last week to get the inside scoop on healthy restaurants and snacks, and found hidden gems on their road trip. During their journey, they hit up some fan-favorite restaurants — Mill Valley Kitchen and Common Roots Cafe in Minneapolis, Karyn’s on Green and Freshii in Chicago, St. Louis’ Green Bean Salads, and Eden Alley Café in Kansas City, Mo. — and documented their findings. Now, their advice and tips are on, a General Mills-sponsored web site to encourage healthy eats.

So, how to make a road trip less of a fried-food binge and more of a healthy eating (yet satisfying) experience? Their tips: 

Eat a big meal before hitting the road. Fueling up (hey, pun!) before will keep the snacking urges at bay. Don't feel like you have to suffer through the trip without any sort of food in the car — just grab a chip alternative, like hard-boiled eggs or string cheese.

Don't be afraid to switch it up at the fast-food joint. There are some surprisingly healthy options at the drive-thru window. You know what foods to avoid, i.e. fries, but you can make even the unhealthiest burger a safer bet by asking for no bun, no mayo, etc.

Do some yoga on the road. No, really — even some simple moves in the car (i.e. tantric breathing) can help you deal with road rage and feel healthier while driving.

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What an awesome and inspired idea for a road trip! Funny in terms of tools that can help you find decent food when you are on the road, there is website that lists restaurants all over the US that have meals that are 600 calories or less called ThinDish. Actually when i am traveling is when I eat the worst mostly because I have no idea what is available. Cool initiative.

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