How to Clean Your Grill Without a Grill Brush

Put the grill brush down and try these alternative grill cleaning methods this summer
flickr/warriorwoman531 Grill brush woes may lead some to adopt these alternative grill cleaning approaches.

Grillers beware: while the coming summer season may conjure up thoughts of warm nights, crisp cold beers and gatherings around the barbecue, there are some things that you may want to take into consideration before firing up the grill.

Earlier this May, a New Jersey man checked into a hospital to learn that the pain he suffered from what he thought was appendicitis was actually the result of a 1 1/2 –inch-long metallic bristle piercing his large intestine. The life-threatening object is believed to have been a disarmed member of the family’s grill brush that later became embedded in the man’s steak dinner. Several other cases of this happening have also been reported out of Rhode Island.

While the man’s recent medical emergency may not throw everyone up in arms over grill brushes, here are some brush-free methods that you may want to adopt when cleaning your grill:

Hands Free Method –While it is time consuming and wasteful of gas, getting rid of the grease can be as easy as burning it off, no accessories required.

Acidic Approach – It’s been written that acidic products such as coffee and onions can also be used to clean your grill grates. To go with caffeine cleaning, soak your grill grates for about an hour in a freshly brewed pot of joe and scrub. To rid the mess with vegetables, rub a hot grill with half of an onion, cut side down.

Purging with Other Products – A scouring pad, which is a nylon-blended sponge available in all sizes and levels of durability, is another way to scrub the grime free from your grates, and is made from less evasive materials such as wire, just in case bits of it get stuck to the grill.

Aluminum Foil—Many have found that balling up aluminum foil and scrubbing away at a hot grill with tongs rids their grill of the messy aftermath of cooking, and can be a resourceful way to reuse sheets of kitchen equipment.

Preventative Measures – Of course, you could always try and keep your grill squeaky clean by oiling it before you place food on its grates, but this is rarely a foolproof plan of attack.


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