Who is this Jack-O’-Lantern? from 13 Spooky Things You Never Knew About Halloween

13 Spooky Things You Never Knew About Halloween

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Who is this Jack-O’-Lantern?

Halloween is the one time each year when we can pretend to be our favorite foods or favorite celebrities. We attend parties dressed as mermaids and superheroes, admiring decorations and, let’s face it, eating delicious candy. But how much do we really know about one of the most popular American holidays?

Halloween wasn’t always a day for trick-or-treating, but rather a Celtic holiday on the day the dead returned to the earth. So, where did all of our traditions come from? Who is the jack-o’-lantern really named after? Why do we carve pumpkins? Use these shocking facts to prepare a quiz at your Halloween party and see how much your guests really know about All Hallow’s Eve.