Failed Products of Major Brands Slideshow

Arch Deluxe — McDonald's
Kellogg’s Breakfast Mates — Kellogg's
McDLT — McDonald’s
Heinz EZ Squirt — Heinz
Wow! Chips — Frito-Lay
Bell Beefer — Taco Bell
New Coke — Coca-Cola
BK Baguette Sandwiches — Burger King
Jell-O For Salads — Jell-O
Doritos 3D — Frito-Lay
Hershey’s Swoops — Hershey's
Crystal Pepsi — PepsiCo
Colgate — Colgate Kitchen Entrees
Taco Bell — Frito Burrito
McDonald’s — The Hula Burger
Life Saver’s — Life Saver’s Soda
Pizza Hut — The Priazzo