10) Café Agora from The 10 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

The 10 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

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10) Café Agora

Strengthening Atlanta’s reputation as a worldly city is Mediterranean restaurant Café Agora. As their website states, they “strive to serve you the best selection of Turkish, Greek, and Mediterranean” food, and their classic ethnic dishes are just that. You can enjoy entrées like gyros and kebabs, but there’s also  falafel, Greek salad, and appetizers like oven roasted eggplant salad with mixed peppers, garlic, fresh herbs, lemon juice, and olive oil, and the old-school favorite of grape leaves stuffed with rice, spices, parsley, mint, pine nuts, and raisins. If you want to taste a little of everything, we suggest ordering the Mixed Maza Platter, which includes humus, eggplant salad, babaganoush, ezme, kisir, piyaz, and daily appetizer specials, and then the Agora Mixed Grill, comprising chicken and lamb shish kabob, adana kabob, kofta kabob, and beef and lamb gyros.