Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pies from 10 '90s Foods We Really Miss (Slideshow)

10 '90s Foods We Really Miss (Slideshow)
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Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pies

Either you remember these with extreme fondness, or you’ve never heard of them; nobody who ever experienced a Ninja Turtle Pudding Pie looks back on it with neutrality. They were released in 1991 as part of a giant cross-promotional stunt that also looped in Ellio’s Pizza and Hi-C, but these were by far the oddest of the bunch. These huge pies (way too big for a kid to eat) were dyed a shade of deep green, which gave way to a yellowish vanilla-flavored pudding when you bit into them. Each package also came with a TMNT trading card. Not only were they crazy-looking, but they were pretty darn delicious. They only stuck around for a couple of years, and Hostess confirmed in 2004 that "the pies were always meant to be a limited item and… we do not intend to re-introduce them to the marketplace." Oh well. Even the pudding pies are really tough to find these days, without the green crust.