The Daily Meal's Christmas Drinking Game

Holiday drinking just got a whole lot more fun.

It doesn't matter what you have in your glass —  eggnog, punch, a warm cocktail, Champagne — chances are you're going to be drinking a lot this holiday season. Why not up the ante this Christmas with a fun game that actually turns typical holiday occurrences into an incentive to drink? Just print out the rules below, and let the imbibing begin!


Take One Drink if:

-Someone recites the "You'll shoot your eye out" line while you're watching "A Christmas Story".

-Someone asks if you have been naughty or nice this year.

-A family member asks about your love life. (For singles: If you're in a relationship yet. For couples: When you're getting married).

-Someone tries to guess what is inside a specific present.

-A kid complains that a sibling has more presents under the tree than they do.

-One of the Coca-Cola commercials with the super-cute polar bears plays on TV.

-Someone recites more than one quote from "Elf".

-Someone gets called Scrooge or a Grinch.


Take Two Drinks if:

-Someone is wearing a Santa hat or an ugly Christmas sweater (if they're wearing both at the same time, finish the drink).

-You run out of wrapping paper on Christmas Eve.

-Someone says, "I think Santa forgot..." on Christmas morning.

-Your mother-in-law says she would have made something differently (finish the drink if she says she would have made it better).

-Someone comments that "It's a Wonderful Life" is their favorite Christmas movie.

-You know most of the lines to Wham's "Last Christmas."


Take Three Drinks if:

-Someone fakes excitement over a gift.

-Someone makes an bad or inappropriate mistletoe joke.

-An ornament breaks (take an extra sip if the cause was a pet's tail).

-If some item of the Christmas meal gets burnt.

-A family member starts to sing after one too many glasses of eggnog (or other Christmas cocktail).


Finish Your Drink if:

-A visiting family member tells you you've lost weight (and you know you haven't).

-It actually snows on Christmas morning.

-You receive something you know has been re-gifted.

-Someone accidentally reveals to a young child that Santa doesn't really exist. Oops.


Have a good suggestion for a rule that wasn't included in the game? Let us know and we'll add it!

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