Of Course Will Ferrell Is Back in the Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercials

The ads just keep getting weirder and weirder
Staff Writer

Youtube/ Emilie Boyles

The weirdest Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee beer commercial yet.

Just when you think the Will Ferrell/Old Milwaukee magic has gone, another ad hits the airwaves and makes you giggle, cringe, and wish Ferrell would show up in all of our beer commercials. 

Ferrell is back at it for round two of Super Bowl beer ads with Old Milwaukee; the ad (which only appeared in three city markets) isn't quite as graphic as the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial with Bar Refaeli, but it's getting up there. 

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that Ferrell continues to make these beer ads with Old Milwaukee, as not only did he tell AdWeek that he loves "good, crappy beer," but he's given total creative license to do whatever he wants in the ads. He said to Eater San Diego while on a pub crawl (of course), "Old Milwaukee makes a product to get you drunk; it's good in eight or nine or 10 samplings, you can't just enjoy one." We imagine eight or nine or 10 "samplings" of Old Milwaukee would make these ads that much funnier. 

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