Kitchen Counters from 11 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen (Slideshow)

11 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen (Slideshow)

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Kitchen Counters

Often times the countertop becomes the nucleus of the kitchen, no matter how vast or small the space. It can be a space designated for unloading groceries or everyday appliances like the coffeemaker. Either way, it can become sketchy quickly and before you know it you have an episode of the American Horror Story proliferating under the counter surface.

This is one of those areas you want to clean often and after each use, particularly after doing prep work. Always clean and dry so as not to encourage bacterial growth. Luckily, cleaning isn’t too strenuous of a task when it comes to most countertops. Microfiber towels and a mixture of water and mild liquid dish detergent are good cleaning agents to use on almost all types of countertops. Natural material countertops differ in their cleaning needs so always check manufacturer instructions.