Best New Restaurants of 2012: Hot Tables Slideshow

Andrew Carmellini's Smoked Liverwurst at The Dutch (New York City)
Seamus Mullen's Arroz a la Plancha at Tertulia (New York City)
Zak Pelaccio’s Isaan-Style Duck Laab at Fatty ‘Cue (New York City)
Pam Yung’s Sunchoke, Chestnut, Dirt at Isa (New York City)
Roy Choi’s Furikake Kettle Corn at A-Frame (Los Angeles)
Ricardo Zarate’s Ceviche Criollo at Picca (Los Angeles)
Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo’s Shrimp Toast at Son of a Gun (Los Angeles)
Jordan Kahn’s Coconut Bavarois at Red Medicine (Los Angeles)
Fergus Henderson’s Deviled Pig Skin and Smoked Herring Roe at St. John Restaurant (London)
Jeremy Lee’s Smoked Haddock Broth at Quo Vadis (London)
James Lowe and Isaac McHale’s Pheasant, Parsnip, Oats, and Caraway at Young Turks at Ten Bells (London)
Ashley Palmer-Watts' and Heston Blumenthal's Tipsy Cake at Dinner By Heston Blumenthal (London)
Thierry Marx’s Shellfish Mousse with Caviar Crostini at Sur Mesure (Paris)
Akrame Benallal’s Deconstructed Chicken Taco at Akrame (Paris)
Bertrand Grébaut’s Roast Duckling with Peas and Nettle at Septime (Paris)
David Toutain’s Buckwheat Ice Cream with Summer Squash at Agapé Substance (Paris)
Michael White’s Squash Flower Fritters at Al Molo (Hong Kong)
 Matt Abergel’s Sweet Corn Tempura at Yardbird (Hong Kong)
Vinny Lauria’s Chitarra with Chicken Liver, Pancetta, and Sage at Linguini Fini (Hong Kong)
Joseph Tse’s Egg Custard Puff Pastry at Above & Beyond (Hong Kong)
Stefano Manfredi’s Cecina al Forno at Balla (Sydney)
Alessandro Pavoni’s Sciatt’ at Spiedo (Sydney)
Simon Goh’s Chili Crabs at Chinta Ria Mood For Love (Sydney)
Justin North’s Chocolate Pudding at Quarter Twenty-One (Sydney)