Michael Jordan and McDonald’s from Best Athlete Food Endorsement Ads Slideshow

Best Athlete Food Endorsement Ads Slideshow

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Macho Man Randy Savage and Slim Jim
There was never as colorful a celebrity spokesperson as the wrestler Randy Savage, a guy who stood out in a sport full of people whose best talent could be described as the ability to get attention. With his mane of frizzy-curly hair, his Day-Glo sunglasses, cowboy hat, and fringe-lined leopard-print spandex, Savage, who died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 58 last year, brought an undeniably badass joie de vivre to his spots for Slim Jim, which he represented beginning in 1996. Who could forget the original spot in which the wrestler burst into a rehearsal of a stage production of Romeo and Juliet shouting, "Art thou bored?" (The antidote, of course: "Snap into a Slim Jim …… Oooh yeah!")

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