Best T-Shirt Slogan from Amstel Light Burger Bash 2013 Slideshow

Amstel Light Burger Bash 2013 Slideshow

Arthur Bovino
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Best T-Shirt Slogan

Cheeseburger Baby out of Miami Beach had the best T-shirt if perhaps not the best burger by the judges' account. Their Bacon-Me-Crazy Burger featured a lightly toasted buttered bun stuffed with crispy honey smoked bacon, sharp Cheddar, black Angus beef "cooked to a juicy medium," and "lovingly sprinkled" with "Baby's secret seasoning salt," and an over-medium fried egg with yellow onions. The T-shirt was much more simple than the burger description: "It shouldn't take 5 Guys to make a cheeseburger, baby!" Agreed.