9 Chefs Reveal Their Dream Trips

How chefs would spend their ultimate vacation

We all have one — an ultimate dream trip. If you could drop everything (except a big bag of money) and head to the airport, where would you go? Money is no object, nor is time off from work or school. Whether it’s waking up at a winery in Italy or navigating the bustling streets of Tokyo, one man’s dream trip could be another man’s headache. There are no compromises here, no travel restrictions, and definitely no pesky visa issues.

When our chefs proverbially closed their eyes and pictured a dream holiday, some saw cooking in far-off regions and some saw a beach with only remote access. Most of their trips found them eating their way through areas both familiar and strange and still others dreamt of a “working” holiday, collaborating with friends in another country’s food scene.

L.A.-based chef Neal Fraser would spend time cooking in Spain before eating in Copenhagen, while chef Angelo Sosa would learn the secrets of Mexican cooking in Oaxaca. Chef Jonathan Waxman would pack his bags for a wine-soaked tour of Auckland and Hawkes Bay — with some fishing and relaxing mixed in. Reading their dream trips inspired wanderlust, daydreams, and perhaps even a new dream trip or two.

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Isn't that a little dramatic? The phrase she is referring to is: one man's trash is another man's treasure, which implies man as "human" and not "excluding women."


"one man's dream trip could be another man's headache" Dear Nicole - you do us women chefs a disservice when you write stuff like this.


Great...not one woman in the bunch. There are some dynamite female chefs out there that the general public should hear about. Too bad you're just like all the other food sites that seem to only really promote male chefs.

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