1. Princess Zara and Mike Tindall from 7 Unhealthy Celebrity Weddings Slideshow

7 Unhealthy Celebrity Weddings Slideshow

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1. Princess Zara and Mike Tindall

When you think of the wedding of a princess, you think prim, proper, and reserved. But that wasn’t for this princess. Zara and her rugby star husband opted for a decadent spread, which included Scottish venison with rich and cheesy potatoes Dauphinoise and indulgent Snow Leopard cocktails filled with cream, amaretto, and cachaça.


Healthier Alternative: Though her brawny husband could probably put those extra calories to good use, Princess Zara must remain as lithe as possible for her career as a star equestrian. They could have shaved off over 150 calories per cup simply by switching out the rich and cheesy Dauphinoise for these flavorful roast sweet potatoes. And instead of serving a cocktail with over 100 calories alone from a splash of cream, guests could have sipped something light and refreshing — like a Basil Strawberry Rum-ade — guilt-free.