5 Tricks to Thawing Meat in the Microwave

There’s more than one way to thaw a piece of meat
5 Tricks to Thawing Meat in the Microwave
It’s 6 p.m. and you decide you want to cook up the frozen pork chops in the back of your freezer? No problem if you’ve got a microwave.

Single servings. Before freezing, package meat in single servings for faster thawing. If your freezing chopped or ground meat, freeze it flat for fast and even defrosting.
Freeze meat in single servings for easy thawing.
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Remove from packaging. Take meat out of the packaging before you thaw it to avoid cooking it in the juices as it thaws in the microwave.
Remove meat from packaging before defrosting.
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Defrost setting. Maybe you’ve never actually hit this button before? Now is the time. Check the meat every few minutes and, if thawing ground or chopped meat, break it apart as it thaws for even cooking.
Use the defrost setting on your microwave.
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50-percent power. Can’t find the defrost setting or it doesn’t work on your microwave? Use the 50-percent power option. No matter what, don’t defrost on full power. It will cook the outside of your food, leaving the inside still frozen.
You can also use 50-percent power to defrost.
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Cook immediately after defrosting. Because you’re warming up the meat so much as it defrosts in the microwave, there’s a bigger chance of bacteria forming on it between the time it defrosts and the time you cook it. Limit the amount of time by cooking the meat immediately after you take it out of the microwave.
Cook meat immediately after thawing.
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