44 Things You Can Do to Fight Hunger in America Slideshow

Cough Up Your Lunch Money, Seriously
Write a Letter
Gather Together for Do-Gooding
Wine and Dine... Yourself
Get Behind the Wheel
Walk to Stop Hunger
Cook for the Cause
Get a Haircut... Really
Warm Your Soul, Fill Some Bowls
Fight Hunger with Twitter, Facebook, and the Web
 Imagine: There's No Hunger
Glean for Good
Buy Seeds, Plant a Row, Donate Your Harvest
Get Your Game Face On
Adopt an Acre, Feed for Miles
Make Music for Food
Pick a Ticket, Any Ticket
Grind Out Hunger
Clean Your House
Get Your Steven Spielberg On
Host for Hunger
Strike Out Hunger
Stomp Out Hunger
Pack a Meal
Watch Chefs Battle in Kitchens, or Volunteer in One
Shop for Hunger
Turn Lunch-Tray Leftovers Into Dinner
Ride the Wave, the Wholesome Wave
Give to Others While Celebrating Yourself
Go for a Run — A Food Run
Got Extra Dough? Fork It Over
Help Feed a Senior
Come Up with Your Own Ideas