Betty Crocker's Cookbook (originally called Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book) by Betty Crocker (1950) – approx. 65 million copies from 25 Best-Selling Cookbooks of All Time Slideshow

25 Best-Selling Cookbooks of All Time Slideshow

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Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book by Better Homes and Gardens (1930) – approx. 40 million copies
Practically every home cook has a worn and food-stained copy of this ring-bound cookbook with the red-and-white plaid cover. In it's 15th edition, this cookbook became an instant best-seller when it came out more than 80 years ago because it was (and still is) a great primer. With helpful cooking tips, measurement conversion, and reliable recipes, its still the perfect cookbook for beginner cooks and cooks who want to brush up on their skills.
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