17 Best Pizza Chains Around the World

If you’re hankering for a pie abroad, hit up these trusted chains

Global Pizza Chains
With interesting toppings and style, pizza looks different across the pond.

The origin of pizza is fairly humble. As a peasant street food, pizza climbed from a low class cheap meal to an art form that is strived for and perfected by pizza shops across the country. In America, we know our pizza. We have concrete opinions on what makes or breaks a great pie. Whether you are walking to the mom and pop parlor down the block, or ordering from one of your favorite trusted chains, you know exactly where to go and what to order. But if you’re traveling abroad and hankering for a slice, decision making can get tricky.

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The glory of international travel is pushing yourself and your taste buds outside of your comfort zone. But often times, foreign countries get a bad rap for pizza ― and deservedly so. Years ago, chains were guilty of spreading ketchup on their pies rather than marinara sauce, and other heinous crimes. While American brands like Domino’s and Pizza Hut have gone global, there are a surprising amount of decent pizza chains that sprouted up over the years. So if you’re looking to fill your pizza craving while still venturing safely outside your comfort zone, you may want to consider some native pizza chains.

We looked at popular user travel blogs, with high user ratings to compile our list of pizza chains you’ll be hard pressed to find on American soil.While most of these locations do have familiar slices like pepperoni, they are guilty of having a few exotic pies that would at least intrigue any pizza lover. Considering their crazy toppings and overall appeal in combination with their social fan base, we narrowed down some of the best spots you can get a classic (or at least interesting) slice.

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Telepizza??? I am an Italian American and I can say that just about any pizza chain in the U.S. top Telepizza..saying that it's #1 is like saying that Chuck-e-cheese pizza is a gourmet restaurant. I have lived in Spain for many years and the pizza at Tele-Pizza is pure shit! Sorry your taste is lacking something to be desired.


Those people always ignored one country: Portugal.

Anyway, I taste Portuguese pizza in Azores Islands -- Its Portugal as well. Its good. They do not used pepperoni. They used Linguiça sausage made in Portugal. I loved Linguiça Sausage! I am Portuguese as well. :D Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingui%C3%A7a

It mentioned in Brazil but I am talking about Portugal. They have it in PORTUGAL.


I have been to over half of these places. I really do not see how Greenwich got the number 2 spot.


I have been to 10 of these places. I really do not see how Greenwich got the number 2 spot.


Pizza "BOOM" in San Salvador was some of the best I'd ever eaten, at least back in the '70's. Who knows now.


Living in Canada,... Boston Pizza is by far, much much better then Pizza Pizza.
Pizza Pizza is just a copy of Little Caesars.


U r a moron


Great fucking article, especially the part where you actually show what the pizza looks like from the top 2 places. The fuck did I just waste my time looking at?




Curious that #1 and #2 don't even show a picture of the pizza. Canada's "Pizza Pizza" is quite good for a chain store. In Japan you see pizza shops, KFC and Mc D's everywhere, but I've never been in one... would rather have the Japanese food, it's much better! :)

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