Things That Should Never Go In the Fridge

You aren’t keeping things fresh by putting these groceries in the fridge

Fridge No-No's
Believe it or not, these foods do not belong in the fridge.

After spending time in the grocery store, your sole goal when you get home is to get everything away as quickly as possible. You throw the pantry stuff in the pantry and cold stuff in the fridge and call it a day. But really what you are doing is creating an extra trip to the store a lot sooner than you’d like to go.

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Believe it or not, you could be putting grocery items in your fridge incorrectly. All foods have unique molecular compositions. Some are full of starch and others gluten, and each food reacts differently to its environment. And while we see our refrigerator as a cold preservation box, it wasn’t designed to keep every food item fresh.

A refrigerator causes the molecular structure of certain foods to alter for two main reasons. The first is obvious: the extreme cold temperature. In the case of foods with starch and gluten (like bread), this sends food into a “retrogradation,” the process of starches converting and hardening into a stale state due to the cold. The other major factor is moisture, which not only changes the flavor of certain foods (such as tomatoes), but can also cause them to grow mold more quickly and change their natural consistency, rendering them useless.

To help you make sure that you save your food from an untimely death, we pulled together a list of grocery items that don’t belong in your fridge, no matter how cold you think they should be!

fridge no-no's

Because of bread’s unique molecular composition of starch and gluten, putting bread in the fridge will cause it to get stale six times faster. When bread bakes, its chemical composition automatically begins changing, the heat allowing the molecules in the dough to expand and form fluffy bread. As soon as it begins the cooling process, these molecules begin crystallizing and slowly revert back to a hardened state. Putting it in the fridge accelerates this process and makes it dry out.

Fridge no-no's: tomatoes

It may seem strange, but tomatoes belong on your countertop to be enjoyed at peak ripeness. Because they are such delicate fruits, their thin cell wall membranes get damaged at the cold temperature and affect taste. 

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I put potatoes, bread, tomatoes in the frig I have done this for years. They last a lot longer, bread at least 1 month, potatoes over 1 month, tomatoes 2 to 3 weeks. I don't know where you get you info. May-be you have more money to waste, but some of us do NOT !!! And any meal that is HOME MADE will last up to 2 weeks in the frig.


I agree that the set up of the page is annoying. It let me read the first few items like an article and the rest one at a time. This wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to scroll down to read the bottom and then on the next have to scroll before scrolling down again. You have a lot of lists but I'm going to avoid the site, for now, there are enough other frustrating things in life. I don't need it in my leisure reading.


The advice on bread is hogwash. It stays fresh much longer in the fridge. Fact !


These articles would be much better if you could read them in one page. Having to read 3 at a time, then some ads, then three more item is annoying. I was interested in three articles but gave up after 1/2 of one. Too bad. M. Fitzpatrick Arlington, MA

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