11 Misleading Beverage Labels

Do you know what’s in your drink?

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Do you really know what's in your drink?

No one likes feeling deceived by the food and drinks they buy at the store. But as recent cases might show, there are more than a few drinks in stores that aren’t what they seem.

In recent history, it was orange juice, POM pomegranate juice, and coconut water that came under fire for misleading labels. And while orange juice may not be as pure as you might think, and POM won’t fix all of your health problems, there are a few more offenders to add to the list of misleading labels.

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So what’s a consumer to do? Read up on the latest drinks under fire for deceptive labeling, and learn what’s really in your drink. At this rate, that tap water is looking might tasty.

This is an update of the story 6 Misleading Beverage Labels, published Aug. 5, 2011.

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Some just even have labels printed in good and admirable design, which just only ctaches the attaention of consumers, but the prints of the prints of the "Nutrition Facts" which is very much important for them to know is so much in tiny fonts and worst always at the back label. Many company have this idea but some always prioritize the health of the consumers. The print company http://www.digiteksf.com/adhesive-vinyl/ promote this proper way of labeling.

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