105-Year-Old Woman Claims Bacon Is the Secret to Long Life

She's 105 years old. We'll take it

First an 101-year-old lady proved to us that four drinks a day is totally OK, and now an 105-year-old is saying bacon is her secret to long life. Say what?

According to HLN, 105-year-old Pearl Cantrell credits her lengthy life to her love for bacon, as she eats the cured pork meat every day, which got her through "decades of hard work." [slideshow:

Naturally, this goes against every other study out there that says that processed meats actually decrease life span. The most recent study found that 4 pounds of uncooked bacon a day would actually kill a human, which is, admittedly, a lot of bacon.

Other studies have pointed out that eating an additional 1.7 ounces of processed meats leads to a 19 percent increase in pancreatic cancer risk.

Cantrell has, however, outlived three of her seven chidlren, endured years of physical labor working in a field, and is still up and running (and eating bacon every day). We'll just add it to our list of supposedly life-lengthening foods (including Roquefort cheese, boiled Greek coffee, and wine). The science doesn't back this up, but we can hope.

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