101 Best Pizzas in America

Without a doubt, most of America’s best pies are still in New Haven, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix. Sorry, San Diego

101 Best Pizzas in America
Maya Noguchi
Pizza is about as varied and beloved a genre, as opinionated a subject, and also as accessible a food as there is, which makes determining the country's best pizzas a truly challenging task.

101 Best Pizzas in America

#101 Ghigiarelli's, Old Forge, Pa. (Red)

#100 La Piazza, Merrick, N.Y. (Grandma Pie)

#99 Cloverleaf Pizza, Macomb, Mich. (Pepperoni)

#98 Zio’s, Omaha, Neb. (Margherita)

#97 Reginelli’s, New Orleans (Classic Combo)

#96 Pizza Delicious, New Orleans (Cheese)

#95 Lucali, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Pepperoni)

#94 Lovely's Fifty-Fifty, Portland, Ore. (Seasonal)

#93 Via Tribunali, Seattle (Margherita)

#92 Imo’s, St. Louis (Deluxe)

#91 Lorenzo and Sons, Philadelphia (Cheese Pie)

#90 The Original Tacconelli's Pizzeria, Philadelphia (Signature Pie) 

#89 Gino’s of Long Beach, Long Beach, N.Y. (Special Pizza)

#88 Best Pizza, Brooklyn, N.Y. (White Pizza)

#87 Spirito's Restaurant, Elizabeth, N.J. (Sausage and Pepperoni)

#86 Antonio's Brick Oven Pizza, Metuchen, N.J. (Capricciosa)

#85 Galleria Umberto Rosticceria, Boston (Cheese Pie)

#84 Metro Pizza, Las Vegas (Milano)

#83 King Umberto, Elmont, N.Y. (Grandma Pizza)

#82 Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, Anchorage, Alaska (Avalanche)

#81 Niki’s, Detroit (Cheese Pie with Feta)

#80 Mani Osteria & Bar, Ann Arbor, Mich. (Pepperoni Pie)

#79 Vito & Nick’s, Chicago (Sausage)

#78 Giordano's Pizza, Chicago (Special Stuffed Pie)

#77 L&B Spumoni Gardens, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Sicilian Slice)

#76 Picco, Boston (Margherita)

#75 Del Popolo, San Francisco (Margherita) 

#74 De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies, Robbinsville, N.J. (Tomato Pie)

#73 Sullivan Street Bakery, New York City (Pizza Bianca)

#72 Michael's, Los Angeles (Margherita D.O.P.)

#71 Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, Florida (Pepperoni)

#70 Fellini’s, Atlanta (Fellini's Special) 

#69 Nunzio’s, Staten Island, N.Y. (Polly O)

#68 Alforno, Old Saybrook, Conn. (Margherita)

#67 Pizzeria Locale, Boulder, Colo. (Margherita)

#66 Flying Squirrel Pizza, Seattle (No. 3)

#65 Tomasso’s, San Francisco (Mushrooms and Sliced Italian Sausage)

#64 Fat Lorenzo's, Minneapolis (Classic Cheese Pie)

#63 Rizzo's Fine Pizza, Queens, N.Y. (Pepperoni)

#62 Antico Pizza Napoletana, Atlanta, Ga. (Pepperoni)

#61 Falco's Pizza & Pasta, Chicago, Ill. (Sausage Thin Crust)

#60 Garage Bar, Louisville, Ky. (Sweet Corn)

#59 EVO, Charleston, S.C. (Pork Trifecta)

#58 Louie and Ernie's, Bronx, N.Y. (Sausage Pie)

#57 Joe & Pat's Pizzeria, Staten Island, N.Y. (Vodka)

#56 Enoteca Vespaio, Austin, Texas (Margherita)

#55 Santillo's Brick Oven Pizza, Elizabeth, N.J. (Sicilian)

#54 Coppa, Boston (Salsiccia)

#53 Osteria, Philadelphia (Margherita)

#52 Don Antonio by Starita, New York City (Montanara Starita)

#51 Pizzeria Uno, Chicago, Ill. ("Numero Uno "The One. The Best")

#50 Pizzaiolo, Oakland, Calif. (Margherita)

#49 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, Los Angeles (Margherita)

#48 The Backspace, Austin, Texas (Bianca)

#47 Franny’s, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Clam Pizza)

#46 Little Vincent’s, Huntington, N.Y. (Cheese)

#45 Delancey Seattle, Wash. (Pepperoni Pie)

#44 Artichoke Basille, New York, N.Y. (Artichoke Slice)

#43 Lombardi’s, New York City (Pepperoni)

#42 A Mano Pizza, Ridgewood, N.J. (A Mano Pizza)

#41 Scampo, Boston (Lamb)

#40 Gino’s East, Chicago (Cheese Deep-Dish)

#39 Nick's Pizza, Forest Hills, Queens, N.Y. (Mushroom and Sausage)

#38 Star Tavern Pizzeria, Orange, N.J. (Thin Crust, Any Toppings)

#37 Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, Chicago (Chicago Classic)

#36 Pupatella Neapolitan Pizza Arlington, Va. (Capricciosa)

#35 Joe’s, New York City (Cheese)

#34 Patsy’s, East Harlem, N.Y. (Cheese)

#33 Pizzeria Delfina, San Francisco (Salsiccia Pizza)

#32 Gjelina, Los Angeles (Lamb Sausage)

#31 A16, San Francisco (Margherita)

#30 Ken’s Artisan Pizza, Portland, Ore. (Margherita)

#29 Santarpio’s, Boston, Mass. (Mozzarella, Sausage, and Garlic)

#28 DeNino's Pizzeria and Tavern, Staten Island, N.Y. (Sausage)

#27 Colony Pizza, Stamford, Conn. (Sausage Pie)

#26 Grimaldi’s, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Margherita)

#25 John’s of Bleecker, New York City (Bruschetta)

#24 Domenica, New Orleans (Margherita)

#23 Spacca Napoli, Chicago (Bufalina)

#22 Regina Pizzeria, Boston (Melanzane)

#21 Zero Otto Nove, Bronx, N.Y. (Margherita)

#20 2Amy’s, Washington, D.C. (2Amys)

#19 The Cheese Board, Berkeley, Calif. (Changes Daily)

#18 Papa’s Tomato Pies, Trenton, N.J. (Tomato Pie)

#17 Co., New York, N.Y. (Popeye)

#16 Kesté, New York City (Kesté)

#15 South Brooklyn Pizza, New York City (New York Style Pizza)

#14 Apizza Scholls, Portland, Ore. (Apizza Amore)

#13 Paulie Gee’s, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Regina)

#12 Totonno’s, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Margherita)

#11 Modern Apizza, New Haven, Conn. (Italian Bomb)

#10 Al Forno, Providence, R.I. (Margarita)

#9 Motorino, New York City (Brussels Sprouts)

#8 Flour + Water, San Francisco (Margherita)

#7 Sally’s Apizza, New Haven, Conn. (Tomato Pie)

#6 Roberta’s, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Margherita)

#5 Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles, Calif. (Squash Blossoms, Tomato, Burrata)

#4 Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco (Margherita)

#3 Pizzeria Bianco, Phoenix, (Marinara)

#2 Di Fara, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Di Fara Classic Pie)

#1 Frank Pepe’s, New Haven, Conn. (White Clam Pie)

Lauren Gordon, Dan Myers, Haley Willard, Julie Kang, and GutterGourmet contributed reporting to this article.

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2nd Avenue Pizza in Sandpoint, ID. Best pizza I've ever had by far.


I have had pizza in dozens of Italian cities. The best was in Mantova-- very thin crust, pumpkin sauce, and local sausage. I agree that Pepe's in New Haven deserves the crown as America's best.


LaCasa and Sortino's pizza in Omaha smash Zio's by a landslide, if you don't believe me check out the patronage. LaCasa and Sortino's always packed 20 to 30 tables filled, Zio's , 3 or 4 tables occupied.


You need to try SHORTYS in Delaware ohio. I have eaten pizza all over this country and its the best I ever had.


The best pizza in the country is where you like it from. Not from a certain city. Just because it comes from a certain city doesn't mean that it is the best. Enjoy eating pizza but still keep an open mind and give it a try wherever you go.


Pizza is the best where you like it from. It isn't a city. Pizza is a taste, a flavor. It is what you like, not where someone else is from.


Pizza is the best where you like it from. It isn't a city. Pizza is a taste, a flavor. It is what you like, not where someone else is from.


Pi (actually like the 3.14 symbol) in St Louis area would go up against anything in this list and probably be preferred.


This list is insane. There is no way you can rate the top 101 pizza shops in the country.


I am sure because it is located in Dayton, Ohio, you might not even give trying Marion's Piazza a second thought, but it has nine locations in the Dayton area (all seating around 500) and has been in business for 49 years! Marion's Piazza's claim to fame is that it was rated the nation's top rated independent pizza chain by Pizza Today Magazine (October, 2013). Might want to send someone to Dayton, Ohio for your next "Best Pizzas" list.


If your ever in Daytona Beach, Fl you gotta try Don Vito's for the best Pizza around.


If your ever in Daytona Beach, Fl you gotta try Don Vito's for the best Pizza around.


Pizza is too subjective to judge the best for anyone or everyone. I have eaten at every one of the Chicago places mentioned and didn't like a single one of them. Though the midwest has best pizza i have ever eaten, Milwaukee and Chicago areas.


From your list it is obvious you don't have any clue as to what constitutes a great pizza. Anyone who lives in Chicago or New York has a much better idea of what real pizza is like. There are places just about anywhere in both cities that would blow away 98% of the places on your list. And for your 10 best cities for pizza not to include Chicago is nothing short of a travesty. Merely proves you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm sorry but between these two articles, I cannot possibly take you seriously.


You people obviously do not know what constitutes a good pizza.
There are pizza places in Chicago and, I'm sure, New York that would blow away 95% of your choices. Nobody who hasn't lived in Chicago and New York should think they know what what pizza is supposed to be.


It's retardo that Buffalo is home of the Chicken Wing - and yet, never is recognized for some of the best pizza parlors on the East.

After having lived in the Tri-State area for 6 years sampling some of the best between CT, NY, and NJ... I still have to rate Bocce Club Pizza in Buffalo among the best.


My mom used to say "ignorance is bliss".... all you white clam pie haters until you have had a fresh Pepe's white clam pie hot out of the oven....simply the best pizza Ive ever tasted. Daily meal - You got it right! - JC in Phila


I can't believe that Angelo's in Lakewood, Ohio didn't make the list. Try it.......you'll love it. Nothing better


really good stuff.... But donot eat too much pizzaaa otherwise u wud gain weight..... and to reduce your weight i have some delicious tips for ladies in my site <a href="http://howtoloselovehandles.biz/how-to-lose-love-handles-for-women" title="http://howtoloselovehandles.biz/how-to-lose-love-handles-for-women">http://howtoloselovehandles.biz/how-to-lose-love-handles-for-women</a>


i wanted to surprise my wife,and took her to what was supposed to be the best soul food place in atlanta.so i set the alarm clock early and we went to this place,all expecting.the milk was sour egg runny,toast burnt.it was horrible. after tha ti never believe a top anything list.
i love mellow mushrooms in atlanta and tried the 'ny' style in ny and really did not think it was all that great.


This is comical. The top two pizzas are clam pizzas? Gimme a break.


Never heard of any of these pizza place....I really like Casey's General Stores pizza....why didn't they make the list?


Tonys Pizza Waupun, Wisconsin 53963


I guess I've never had a "good" pizza and might never have one since those are the UGLIEST pizzas I've ever seen, and many of them were burned!!! If you can't do a better job of rating food, maybe you should search for a new occupation! The security word below for me spelled it right out "foul play". Stop taking bribes and give honest ratings!


You guys need to visit Antonio's Pizza in Amherst, MA. Spicy chicken, peppers and onions.


Wow Pizzeria Bianco is still on the list. An hour wait to get a pizza. That is overpriced & meh. They don't even make my top 10 list of pizza places. There are so many better pizza places in Phoenix. Next time look into Federal Pizza, La Grande Orange, Spinatos and Pizza a Metro.

Carmelo Pappalardo's picture

WTH! How much were you paid to write this article? Half of these joints should not even be on this list. What did they do, slip a hundred dollar bill under the pizza slice you ate? Metro pizza? Pizzeria Uno? A clam pizza is number one? I have eaten at many of these restaurants. I asked for my money back, or told them to stop playing games and give me a real pizza. What a joke of a list. Next time ask someone who actually knows what a pizza tastes like.

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