10 Restaurant Tips for Home Cooks

A former restaurant chef shares some helpful advice on how to cook and prep better in the kitchen

Common restaurant kitchen practices often get lost in translation for the home cook, mostly because they just don't apply. But there are some handy, useful tricks that do apply and can be a great asset for any home cook looking to improve his or her efficiency and cleanliness in the kitchen. 

When I spent a year working in four different restaurants around the world for my recently published memoir, Four Kitchens, I knew I’d be picking up a wealth of great recipes. Indeed, I learned how to make fried hollandaise cubes at wd~50 in New York City; I mastered shrimp summer rolls in Hanoi at La Verticale; I quickly and effortlessly deseeded pomegranates at Carmella Bistro in Tel Aviv; and I made a decadent and spicy chocolate cake in Paris with minimal clean-up.

Click here to see the 10 Restaurant Tips for Home Cooks Slideshow. 

Yet along the way, I also learned a bounty of nifty kitchen tips and tricks that I regularly use when cooking at home. I've compiled them below so you too can benefit from my time in the kitchen. Check out the slideshow below and let us know if you have any time-saving tricks of your own!

Click here to see the 10 Restaurant Tips for Home Cooks Slideshow.


Click here to see the Pomegranate-Herb Salad recipe. 

Click here to see the Chocolate Cake with a Hint of Piment d'Espelette recipe. 

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