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10 Insane Cocktails to Try in Las Vegas Slideshow

Mark Damon Puckett
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Cereal Killer, The Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan

When I was a kid, my parents never let us have sugar cereal, so I would always indulge in Cinnamon Toast Crunch at my friend Tommy’s house. The Cereal Killer at The Cosmopolitan’s The Chandelier bar is the ideal equipoise between childhood memory and adult indulgence. Loaded with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the Cereal Killer comes equipped with a small spoon to give you flashbacks of watching Wile E. Coyote chase Road Runner on Saturday morning as you slurp the final sugary milk sip.

  Cereal Killer Recipe:
½ ounce Root Liqueur
¼  ounce Hiver Amer
½ ounce Bulleit Bourbon
½ ounce Amaro Melleti
3 ounces Cinnamon Toast Crunch-infused milk
Dash Fee’s Old-Fashioned Bitters
Cinnamon Toast Crunch on a demi-spoon
Assemble all ingredients and shake with ice; strain.