10 Healthy Party Food Makeovers

On a diet? Snack wisely and reach for these lighter alternatives to your favorite party foods

Cocktail parties can be a minefield of temptation for dieters. There are the spreads of rich cheeses and candied nuts; buffet tables filled with chips, dips, and cheesy nachos; then of course, the trays filled with one-bite treats like pigs-in-a-blanket, crab cakes, and crisp potato skins that go down oh-so-easily (especially a drink or two in). But if you've resolved to trim off a couple of pounds this year, parties don't have to be danger zones — you just have to make smart choices.

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We've done the guesswork for you and have put together a list of 10 popular party appetizers that may taste great but are sure to derail your new diet resolution. We have paired each with a just-as-delicious alternative that is lower in fat and calories, and in many cases, packed with many more nutrients and fiber (so you don't feel utterly bloated the next day). Have a weakness for potato chips and onion dip? Avoid the puff the next day and instead reach for crunchy carrot sticks and real ranch dressing for dipping. Love wings? You can still get your meat fix, without all the fat and calories, by instead picking up one of those chicken satay sticks and perhaps dipping it in peanut sauce.

You shouldn't have to deprive yourself at cocktail parties this year! Before you reach for that one-bite square of pizza, think again and opt for the bruschetta. You (and your waistline) will thank us come bathing suit season.

Click here for the 10 Healthy Party Food Makeovers Slideshow.

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