10 Cookbooks Everyone Should Have

From classic French to vegetarian, these are the 10 cookbooks that should definitely be in your kitchen

10 Cookbooks Everyone Should Have
Jane Bruce

Spend more than five minutes in the cookbook section of a bookstore and you’ll quickly realize two things: One, you can throw out your back if you don’t use your knees to lift Nathan Myhrvold's Modernist Cuisine and two, everyone, except apparently you and me, has a cookbook on the market. With hundreds of cookbooks to choose from, it may seem like a daunting task to pick which cookbooks belong in our kitchen and which cookbooks should be left on the bookshelves to collect dust, but I believe that there are 10 cookbooks every home cook should own.

In order to be a well-rounded cook, every kitchen should have at least one reference cookbook, a general cookbook, and an Italian, French, Chinese, Mexican, and Indian cookbook, so I chose a book for each of these categories. These books are great for novice cooks, but they are also useful for more advanced cooks because they are informative and teach cooks a lot about their particular cuisine. It also never hurts for a home cook to have a vegetarian cookbook and one on pastries and bread for a complete culinary education.

The list includes blockbuster bestsellers like Joy of Cooking and Mastering the Art of French Cooking, both on the list of the 25 Best-Selling Cookbooks of All Time. But it also includes less well-known, but praiseworthy cookbooks like Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking and The Bread Baker's Apprentice. Both books take pains to show cooks how to master a recipe with careful, step-by-step instructions that make it almost impossible to fail.

If you could choose only one cookbook to own in each category, what would you pick?

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KubiGirl's picture

I agree, I have two African cookbooks that I just love! The food is amazing!

Thyme's picture

I perused your story about the ten best cookbooks to have. I have French, Italian, and others. But did you include any cook books from Africa, or Black Americans? They cook also, and are extremely good cooks and as we say they can "'burn"' (colloquialism for cooking good). Though I do not know all the authors of these cookbooks....it would be nice to mention cooks who come from places like 'Down South' ( That is the Southern states in America) and how about books from cooks from Puerto Rico, Brazil and other Latino and Carribean lands; they can "burn", too? Matter of fact they cook better than many Mexican cooks. Trust me I do not denigrate other cooks....but, I find, most minorities cook better with alot less ingredients....because they put love for family and soul in their dishes (So, do Italians that is why they are decent cooks).
My favorite cooks are Lidia, Ming Tsai, Maryann Esposito, the Italian guy from 'Taste This' and Paula Deans biscuit recipe...the biscuits are smoking. And, the way the French bake their chicken....."oo-la-la" Julia, knew what she was doing. They cook simple, they cook receipes one usually has the ingredients for the recipe...and they cook with love.
If you are going to write an article on food, please, make certain it is covered with diversity. Just asking!.................

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