Would You Eat This $250 “Indulgence” Burger?

The “Indulgence Burger,” priced at $250 a pop, will be premiering at “Beer and Buns,” the new restaurant at New York City’s’s Court Hotel later this month
This is the burger that will take $250 out of your pocket. Is it worth it?

Sure you could get a Shake Shack burger again for $6.95, but why not go indulgent? Beer and Buns, the new Pan-Asian-inspired gourmet burger joint at the Court Hotel will be premiering its “Indulgence Burger,” a decadent, $250 creation made with Kobe beef, sautéed foie gras, white truffles,beluga caviar, and served on a homemade artisanal bun.

“We were inspired to create a burger with ingredients that you wouldn’t find in any regular market or farm,” said Chef Nok. “The Kobe beef has a buttery tenderness and melts in your mouth, the foie gras adds a rich, earthy and round texture, the caviar adds a sense of luxury and an added burst of flavor, and the white truffles complete the dish offering a perfect garnish.”

Right now, this burger is the second most expensive burger in New York. Check out our slideshow on the most expensive restaurants in the world.[slideshow:

Sound too expensive? Abigail Tan, an executive with The Court Hotel, a St. Giles Hotel on East 39th Street, said that they were thinking of actually charging $999 but decided to lower the price to bring it down to a more affordable level. This isn’t the most expensive burger in New York, however. The $295 burger at Serendipity 3 made with Wagyu beef, caviar, black truffles, fried quail egg, and “hand-formed” cheddar cheese still holds the title.

If you don’t think you can stomach forking over $250 for a burger, Beer and Buns will also be offering cheaper versions of their burgers in slider form. 

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