Worst Customer Ever: No Tip, Rude Message (Updated)

One man's mistake sparks social media controversy

Over the weekend, a Seattle waitress started a Facebook war against a certain Andrew Meyer, who reportedly left a zero percent tip and a rude message: "P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds."

To add to the damage, the customer also took the tip jar and dumped the change in his pocket. All $1.25.

The waitress, Victoria Liss, posted the receipt on Facebook, and since the rude patron used his credit card to pay, her friends have scrounged up Meyer's full name and place of employment. This wasn't without hurting a few innocent Andrew Meyers, but Liss recommends that next time someone decides to be a prick, "DON'T GIVE THE BARTENDER YOUR CREDIT CARD. We live in a social networking hub."

Update: Poor Andrew. Liss ended up putting up the information for the wrong guy, and apologized on Facebook: "I could not be more sorry for posting the wrong person's info and photo, it got a little out of hand, Let's all get Tacos and Happy Hour drinks, and tip 20%!!"

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Shy_mikeyyy's picture

If he file any charges about deformation of character then she could also file charges of this "To add to the damage, the customer also took the tip jar and dumped the change in his pocket. All $1.25"


Who does this clown think she is? I hope she gets sued for defamation by the one she wrongly accused. Also by posting the correct guys signature online, I hope he sues her for that as well. In the age of ID theft, having his signature out there opens him up for lots of issues. Also since she used his credit card info for a way not intended, I am sure something can be done for that. She deserves to be fired and if not, then I think everyone shoudl boycott that organization. Who will she go after next (especially if she worngly accuses like the first one)? Sounds like seeing this event, the reason she is getting no tips is because of her attitude. How about changing it and maybe you will get the tips you think you deserve?

dvidetto's picture

Pretty sure you can't sue someone for 'deformation'...

dawgt's picture

Get over it ,you will be lucky if the wrong person you posted on facebook does not sue you for deformation and also posting their info .quit whining about a tip and find something else to do.

Ellis's picture

Sorry, but if stealing credit card info for personal use isn't illegal in this area, it should be, and that's just what this waitress did. Maybe this says more about her customer skills than the customer. If she can't handle a bad customer without violating privacy rights she might want to consider another career, perhaps with the IRS. Even pricks have rights.

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